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Frequently Asked Questions

Network licensing communication happens over the internet TCP port 1947. If that port is

blocked by a firewall, you will need to open it up on both client and server.

A zero configuration network licensing setup is possible if client and server are on the

same network switch/hub. If packets need to route between the two machines, it's almost

certain that you will need to configure both the client and server using the Configuration

panel of the Admin Control Center. (http://localhost:1947), shown here:


Your IT department should know if the path between two machines requires multiple

hops. They can use tracert.exe to find the path if they're uncertain.

Note that Image-Pro Premier installs a shortcut to the License Admin Control Center in

the IPPremier Start You can also access the License Administration dialogs from the Premier

Help menu.

On Client Machines

You may need to adjust these settings:

On the Access to Remote License Managers Tab


l Check the Allow Access to Remote Licenses checkbox.

l Check EITHER the Broadcast or Aggressive Search checkbox (for zero-hop and

routed networks, respectively).

l If Aggressive Search is checked (i.e. the network is routed) ALSO place the server's

IP Address or DNS name in the Search Parameters edit box at the bottom. Either

IPv4 or IPv6 addresses may be used.

On Server Machines:

On the Access from Remote Clients Tab:


l Check the one check box.

l Clear the edit box at the bottom (unless you wish to restrict access to the license to

specific machines).

There are several ways that you can upgrade the software installed on your computer to the latest Image-Pro Premier:

• You may download the Image-Pro Premier evaluation software and install it from the Media Cybernetics’ website.

• If you have ordered an upgrade from Image-Pro Plus 9.0 or Image-Pro Premier 9.1, you will receive a DVD that will install the software.

Regardless of how you obtain the Image-Pro Premier installer, and regardless of which product and version you are upgrading from, the new Premier can be installed alongside your other software. This allows you to evaluate your new Image-Pro Premier for your purposes. When you are done with the older software and completely migrated to the latest Image-Pro Premier, then you can uninstall the older software from the Control Panel.

Upgrading your Image-Pro Premier License

If you are upgrading from Image-Pro Premier 9.1, you will also need to upgrade your license to authorize the new version. When you purchased your upgrade, you received an unlocking code; you will need to have this unlocking code handy during the upgrade process.

There are several ways of starting the process of upgrading your license:

• In the Image-Pro Premier Start menu folder, open the Licensing

folder, and click Licensing Wizard

• In the Image-Pro Premier software, open the Help menu by clicking the down arrow next to the Help icon, and click Licensing Wizard.

Image-Pro Premier includes a Licensing Wizard to step you through the process of upgrading your Image-Pro Premier 9.1 license. Note that after the upgrade, the new license will still allow you to run previous versions of Image-Pro Premier.

When you invoke the Licensing Wizard, you should see the following the first page of the wizard:


1. Click Next to continue or Cancel to stay with version 9.1.

Image-Pro Premier Quick Start Guide

The next screen asks you to enter your unlocking code:


2. Enter the unlocking code that you received with your Image-Pro Premier

upgrade order.

3. Click Next to continue. The upgrade process will begin without further user input.

Image-Pro Premier requires either a hard license on a USB key or a soft license obtained on line. Both types of licenses must be registered.

Register your Image-Pro Premier license to be eligible to receive special support service, including:

• 90 days of free technical support

• Automatic software updates

USB license holders must register their licenses after installing the software and plugging in the hardware key. If Internet access is not available, please follow the instructions below for PCs without Internet access.

Image-Pro Premier Quick Start Guide

If you have an Image-Pro Premier soft license (installed on your machine) your license will be registered automatically when you activate your license. See the Activation instructions below.

Activate your Image-Pro Premier License

If you purchased an Image-Pro Premier USB license, your software will arrive already licensed. Plug in your USB license to start using Image-Pro Premier. Be sure to register your license as mentioned above so you can receive 90 days of support and online updates.

If you purchased an Image-Pro Premier soft license (to be installed on your machine), before you can use Image-Pro Premier, a valid license file must be obtained from the Media Cybernetics Web site. A 14-day trial license is included for evaluation purposes.

If your PC has Internet access and a software license

When you first start Image-Pro Premier, you will see the following dialog:

1. Click Activate Now to activate your license. This will load the activation web page in the built-in web browser.

2. Enter the Unlocking Code that was sent with the product, together with standard registration information. Once your information is received, the license file will be installed on your machine automatically.

If your PC does not have Internet access

If you choose Activate Now, and your PC is not connected to the internet, you will see Step 1 of the Activation process.


1. Select a path to a removable medium, such as a USB flash memory drive. The software will save your files to this location along with an Activation shortcut link.

2. Click OK.

3. Take your USB key and your Unlocking Code to a machine with Internet access. Once you attach your USB key to the computer, the Activation Tool should start automatically. You will see Step 2 of the activation process.

4. Fill in the information requested in the Product Registration page and press



Image-Pro Premier Quick Start Guide

5. You should see a screen indicating that the activation is successful.

6. Return to your off-line PC to continue the activation process. Once you plug in the USB key, you should see a popup stating that Image-Pro Premier has successfully activated.

7. Click OK. You should now be able to use Image-Pro Premier.

Since our drivers are built using the source hardware’s system libraries, the ones marked as specifically not supporting Windows 8 are because the source hardware’s system drivers do not support Windows 8.

The Basics
To view and capture images from your digital camera, you will first need to install the correct capture interface and drivers for your particular camera model. Visit to download Media Cybernetics’ capture interface files. Image-Pro Premier Offline users will not see Capture options.


1. Go to the Camera group on the Capture ribbon:

2. Click the Live drop-down arrow and select your camera from the drop- down list.

3. Click the Live button to see a live preview of your image.

4. Click Capture to capture the image to the Image-Pro Premier workspace

Capture Multi-Frame Movies

1. Follow steps 1-3 above.

2. Click Record to capture the movie.

3. To Stream to Disk, open the Capture Control dialog and activate Stream to Disk in the Record Movie Options panel, or click the Record drop-down arrow. This option will remain activated until you uncheck the Stream to Disk option.

Adjust Capture Settings


Click the Camera Control button in the Cameras group to open the Camera Control dialog and adjust controls including as binning, movie options, bit-depth, gain, file naming, date/time stamp and file saving options.



JPEGs can’t save additional header information, such as measurements. It is best to save as a TIFF.

Needed to rebuild those individual identities or edit the UserConfig files, found at "C:\Users\<User>\AppData\Roaming\Media Cybernetics\Image-Pro Premier 64-bit\9.1.5417.47\Resources\Identities"and change the paths.

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