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Frequently Asked Questions

Please make sure that you have closed all other applications before installing Image-Pro.

To install Image-Pro, insert the product USB Software Installation drive or DVD, launch the installer [Install Image-Pro.exe], and follow the instructions.

Image-Pro will not install on operating systems or versions of Windows older than Windows 7 (service pack 1).

Image-Pro requires the Microsoft *.NET framework. If this is not installed on your computer, the application will install it automatically.

Upgrading the Installed Software
There are several options available for upgrading to the latest version of Image-Pro:
• You may download the Image-Pro evaluation software and install it from the Media Cybernetics’ website.
• If you have ordered an upgrade from Image-Pro Plus or Image-Pro Premier 9, you will receive a USB Software Installation drive or DVD that will install the software.

Regardless of how you obtain Image-Pro, and regardless of which product and version you are upgrading from, the latest Image-Pro will not overwrite your existing software. This allows you to evaluate your new Image-Pro. When you have completed the evaluation against the previous software and completely migrated to the latest Image-Pro, it is recommended that you uninstall the previous software via the Control Panel.

Image-Pro requires a hard license (dongle) which is either already in your possession if you are upgrading from a previous version or included with the Image-Pro Package that you received. To activate the license please follow the activation procedure below.

Note: All Media Cybernetics Products include a non-licensed free 14-day evaluation period that begins at the time of installation.

Register your Image-Pro license to be eligible to receive special support service, including:
• 90 days of free technical support
• Automatic software updates
• News and information regarding new applications and modules

Hard license (USB) users must register their licenses after installing the software and plugging in the hardware key.

1. If you have an Image-Pro hardware key, attach it to a USB port now.
2. When you first launch Image-Pro, the following dialog will appear:IP10LicenseAct1
3. Click Activate Now button to activate your license.

 - If Internet access is not available, please follow the instructions under the heading: If your PC does not have Internet access.

If your PC has Internet access
4. The License Activation Wizard will launch which will guide you through the steps for activating your software license.

5. Confirm your license type and USB dongle.
6. Enter the Unlocking Code(s) that are listed on the inside cover of the Image-Pro packaging.
7. Complete the registration form.
8. Upon receipt of the provided information in steps 6 and 7, the software license will be fully activated.

If your PC does not have Internet access
4. If you choose Activate Now, and your PC is not connected to the internet, the License Activation Wizard will bring you to the following prompt after the dongle selection:

5. Get your license file(s).
a. If your dongle is not activated or you don’t have access to the original computer, you can download your license(s) by visiting using the provided shortcut with your unlocking code(s).
b. If you have an already activated dongle you can obtain the license(s) using the License Activation Wizard to export them from the original computer.
6. In both cases, you can import the license(s) on the second page of the License Activation Wizard.


If a previous version of Image-Pro (Premier) is installed on your computer, you will be presented with the Settings Upgrade Tool during the first launch of Image-Pro.


Select the files and settings you wish to import and press "OK".

If your previous version of Image-Pro included a Capture Interface, you will be prompted to configure the new version of Image-Pro to capture images. Simply follow the prompts to install the Capture Interface into your new installation.


This functionality requires the Image-Pro Capture Module. Before capturing images directly into the Image-Pro workspace, you will need to install the drivers for your camera (provided by the camera manufacturer) and an Image-Pro Capture Interface for your camera. Visit to download the appropriate Image-Pro Capture Interface.


Capture Single Frame Images
1. Go to the Camera group on the Capture ribbon:
2. Click the Live drop-down arrow and select your camera from the drop-down list.
3. Click the Live button to see a live preview of your image.
4. Click Capture to capture the image to the Image-Pro workspace

Capture Multi-Frame Movies
1. Follow steps 1-3 above.
2. Click Record to capture the movie.
3. To Stream to Disk, open the Capture Control dialog and activate Stream to Disk in the Record Movie Options panel, or click the Record drop-down arrow. This option will remain activated until you uncheck the Stream to Disk option.

Infinity Capture version 6.5.7 is for Infinity 5-series cameras ONLY.  To correct the issue, please install Infinity Driver Package version 6.5.6


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