Developing custom software solutions

The Media Cybernetics OEM partner program was designed for product innovators in need of a unique software solution that matches their brand and budget. OEM partners benefit from our ability to deliver white label products, custom-built imaging solutions, or integration-ready algorithms at an accelerated pace. Our proven process and professional staff is ready and willing to do something great together.

Options for every imaging need

Choose to work with us on any level that suits your needs. Media Cybernetics has a rich history
of providing cutting edge imaging technology in a variety of form factors.

White label version of our
popular brands

  • Your branding and color scheme
  • Features that make sense for your needs
  • Use our modules or customize your own
  • Software licensing that works for you
  • English, Japanese, and Chinese languages
  • Packaging and installer media production
  • Fast and reliable development

Custom-built imaging

  • Design unique applications built on Image-Pro
  • Enhance native features or develop new ones
  • Connect your acquisition devices using Image-Pro’s Capture SDK
  • Provide users access to flexible tools
  • Guide users with wizard-like workflows
  • Empower users on any level

imaging algorithms

  • Integrate AutoQuant deconvolution libraries into your software program
  • Our team of software engineers are at your disposal to provide assistance
  • Complete and helpful integration documentation is available
  • GPU-acceleration ready
  • 2D and 3D algorithms are offered
What’s your partnership idea?

Why Media Cybernetics as an OEM platform?

What are the Key Benefits?

Offer customers
end-to-end solutions

Your competitors might already be offering complete solutions with hardware and software working together seamlessly. Don’t let the challenge of software development be the reason your product isn’t winning. We will work with you to provide an imaging solution that meets your customer’s needs.

Accelerate your time
to market

By working with our platform, you augment your product with our powerful, Ready-to-use image analysis and processing capabilities. No need to hire a team of software developers or reinvent the image processing engines – we’ve already done it for you. Save on development costs and let your R&D staff focus on building differentiators for your core business.

Stay on brand

If brand consistency is important to you, then your software needs to reflect who you are. Our platform is fully customizable and feels native to your product. We develop a range of graphical user interface designs for our customers that span from minimalistic to intricate and wizard-driven to fully progressive displays.

Remain timeless

We build partnerships that last. We want your software to always have the latest updates and support for modern operating systems. You save on support and maintenance costs by offloading your Tier 2 support to our support team and gaining access to professional services such as training, and technical consulting.

Who Benefits the Most from an OEM Partnership?

User Friendly Software

Product departments that would like to
build modern user-friendly software
products without hiring huge teams

Rapid Time To Market

Product leaders that are under pressure
to innovate under rapid time-to-market

Meet Complex Requirements

Product innovators that require an imaging
platform to meet complex requirements,
integrating hardware and imaging solutions.

Modernize Existing Products

Software and service vendors that need
to modernize their existing products
with digital imaging solutions.

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