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Lumenera INFINITY 3S-1

Hardware Support Solution:
Lumenera CI10
Version: 10.0.1
Important Notes:
This capture interface supports both color and monochrome models. Note that Lumenera INFINITY ANALYZE 7.0.2 will not install system software needed to operate the capture interface. Please install INFINITY software 6.5.6 instead
Required Driver:
Requires the INFINITY Driver Package 6.5.6 (or higher) from Lumenera.
Products Supported:
  • Image-Pro 10 (64-bit)
Operating System Supported:
  • Win 7 64-bit
  • Win 10 64-bit

The Teledyne Lumenera INFINITY3S-1UR is the go-to microscope camera when versatility, ease of use, and price are part of the selection criteria.

The INFINITY3S-1UR is an ultra-sensitive, low noise CCD camera that offers the speed and accurate color to meet your brightfield imaging requirements, and helps save money by converting into a solution for your routine fluorescence imaging needs.



   •Color or monochrome ICX825 CCD Global Shutter sensor with 2/3” optical format providing a resolution of 1392 x 1040 using 6.45 x 6.45 μm pixels

   • 5.9 e- read noise

   • 14-bit pixel depth for 16,384 tonal values per channel

   • 60 fps at 1.4 megapixel (monochrome version); 45 fps at 1.4 megapixel (color version)

   • High-speed USB 3.0 interface for plug and play installation on any computer

   • C-mount

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