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Image-Pro® Now Supports QImaging Retiga R3 Mono
21 December 2016
Media Cybernetics introduces GPU Deconvolution
11 November 2016
Image-Pro® Now Supports Motic's Moticam 3 and Moticam 3+
14 September 2016
Image-Pro® Now Supports Lumenera's INFINITY3-3UR Mono
13 September 2016
From Imaging to Analytical Analysis: Join Hitachi and Media Cybernetics at M&M 2016 for Complete Microscopy Solutions
22 July 2016
Media Cybernetics releases Image-Pro Premier 2D 9.2
05 July 2016
Media Cybernetics releases Image-Pro Premier 3D 9.2
22 June 2016
Media Cybernetics Introduces a New Brand Identity
24 May 2016
New Support for Lumenera Infinity 3-3URC and 3-6URC cameras
09 November 2015
New Support for QImaging optiMOS™
04 November 2015
New IDS Support for Image-Pro Premier and Image-Pro Insight 9
30 June 2015
Media Cybernetics Releases AutoQuant X3.0.4
14 May 2015
New QImaging Support for Image-Pro Premier and Image-Pro Insight 9 Software, with added support for the QIClick camera
06 April 2015
New Photometrics Support for CoolSNAP MYO and Evolve 512 Cameras
16 March 2015
New Olympus Capture Interface 9.1 supporting DP73 and DP26 cameras
13 February 2015
New Capture Interface 7.0 supporting Aexeon and Nexeon frame grabbers
04 February 2015
New DirectShow Capture Interface 7 now supports selected drivers
07 January 2015
Media Cybernetics Releases Image-Pro Premier 9.1.4
05 December 2014
Media Cybernetics Releases the New Image-Pro Insight 9 Image Analysis Software
26 November 2014
Leica Capture Interface 9.0 supports Leica DFC295 and Leica DFC450 cameras
23 September 2014

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