New QImaging Support for Image-Pro Premier and Image-Pro Insight 9 Software, with added support for the QIClick camera

April 6, 2015 - Rockville, MD - Media Cybernetics announces the latest release of the QImaging Capture Interface v 9.1.0. 


This new version adds support for the QImaging QIClick camera in Image-Pro Premier 32 and 64-bit, along with several other cameras for Image-Pro Insight 9, 32 and 64-bit software. 

This capture interface is necessary for Image-Pro Insight 9 and Image-Pro Premier software to communicate with the QImaging QCAM version driver and a comprehensive list of QImaging cameras. This version is compatible with Windows XP Professional (SP3) 32-bit and Windows 7 Professional & Ultimate (SP1) 32 & 64-bit operating systems.


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