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    Open Port 1947 in both the network’s hardware firewall and in the computer’s software firewall.  When the activation form is filled, the webpage needs to write through the network to write the serial number to the dongle.  Firewalls will stop this from happening.  This communication happens over Port1947, so opening this port will allow the data to be written to the dongle.

    The calibration may have been created with an error that has destabilized the identity.  Reset the identity by performing the steps below.

    • Close Premier
    • Go to Windows’ Control Panel…Folder Options
    • In Folder Options go to the “View” tab and select “Show hidden files, folders, and drives”.  Hit “OK”.
    • Then open Windows Explorer.
    • Try deleting the folders below and work with Premier again.
    • C:\Users\<Users>\AppData\Roaming\MediaCybernetics\Image-ProPremier64-bit\9.1.5417.47\Resources\Identities

    Needed to rebuild those individual identities or edit the UserConfig files, found at "C:\Users\<User>\AppData\Roaming\Media Cybernetics\Image-Pro Premier 64-bit\9.1.5417.47\Resources\Identities" and change the paths.

    It is the way Windows 8 deals with rendering. On Windows 8, activate the "Render to bitmap" option in the ApplicationOptions, Image page, Surface Plot group (at the bottom of the page). The Surface Plot should now launch properly on Windows 8.

    The software looks at the histogram range of the image. It takes 0 to half of the range for Automatic Dark objects and Half of the range to max value for Automatic Bright objects.

    Make sure the calibrations are set as Reference calibrations.

    Adjust your filter ranges to allow more of your particles.

    Go to the Process Tab and run a Flatten filter from 2D filters to even the lighting variations.

    Go to Options and select Reset to set everything back to the defaults.

    I = 1/3(R+G+B)

    S = 1 - ( 3/(R+G+B))*a where a is the minimum of R, G and B

    H = cos^(-1) ( (0.5*((R-G)+(R-B))) / ((R-G)^2 + (R-B)*(G-B))^(0.5) )

    If S = 0, H is meaningless.

    If (B/I) > (G/I) then H = 360 - H since H is an angle in degrees we then normalize to 0,1 with H=H/360


    Formfactor Media Cybernetics uses this for Roundness ::

    It is now called Relative Size

    This is just for Annotations. For Measurements, use Snap on the Share tab.

    When you split objects, the new objects get put into the Active class. You just should select the class you want to have after the split and then split objects.

    The minimum requirements are the bare minimum to run the software, but for proper use, the Recommended Requirements should be followed.

    Due to licensing constraints, the software cannot be run over Remote Desktop or similar services.

    This is an issue with the proper CODEC not being on the machine. It is best to resave the file as an Uncompressed AVI. That way, a CODEC is not necessary.

    Go to the program folder and run the file "Re-install HASP driver".

    JPEGs can’t save additional header information, such as calibrations. It is best to save as a TIFF.

    JPEGs can’t save additional header information, such as measurements. It is best to save as a TIFF.

    Yes, go to Options and the Popular group where you can set the software to require a password and administer users.

    No, you must work with sales to exchange the dongle for a network dongle with the number of seats you need.

    Since our drivers are built using the source hardware’s system libraries, the ones marked as specifically not supporting Windows 8 are because the source hardware’s system drivers do not support Windows 8.

    Virtual Machines are not supported; the dongle needs to be installed on a physical machine.

    Needed to rebuild those individual identities or edit the UserConfig files, found at "C:\Users\<User>\AppData\Roaming\Media Cybernetics\Image-Pro Premier 64-bit\9.1.5417.47\Resources\Identities"and change the paths.

    To receive product updates and technical support, please make sure to register your product. Product Registrations are programmed in to your Hardware Protection Key so it is recommended that you complete this process in your application while your Protection Key is attached.

    When launching an Unregistered Product, you are given the option to launch the Registration Page with the In-Product Browser. After selecting this option, you will be presented with the Product Registration page…

    Please make sure to have your Unlocking Code ready!

    After completing the In-Product Registration Page, and submitting it, you will receive a confirmation email and future prompts for registration will go away.

    Your Product Serial Number is printed directly on your Hardware Protection Key and can be found on the ‘About’ dialog box. This can be launched by selecting “About <Product Name>” from the Help Menu from inside of the product.

    Only Registered Products will display the full serial number so please make sure to Register your product prior to contacting Support.

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