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    Product Versions and Updates
    Most of the time, updates to Image-Pro Insight happen automatically. If you have an Internet connection, your application software will check for updates when you start the product.

    Updating Your Product
    The products use the TrueUpdate 1 feature to ensure that you are running the most current version of the software. TrueUpdate is a small, unobtrusive feature that does not collect any personal information from you.

    In order for the process to work, you must have an Internet connection available. If your PC does not have Internet access, please refer to the section about Activating Your Product in your application’s Start-Up Guide.

    Select the Automatic Update Check in the Application page of the Application Options. Checking this box ensures that software updates will happen automatically, and you don’t need to do anything else.

    If Automatic Update Check is not selected, follow the steps below to update your software installation.

    1. Click the small drop-down arrow at the upper right-hand corner of your application.
    2. Choose Look For Updates. If your product is current, you will see a message saying that you are running the most current version and no update is necessary.
    3. If an update is found, you will see the Update Available dialog.
    4. Click Next to continue.
      TrueUpdate will begin downloading the new software. You will see the Update Finished dialog when the process is complete.
      Once the update has finished, you will see a dialog asking to restart your application.
    5. Click Yes to restart your system and begin using the updated product.
      1. To restart your system later, click No.
      2. Click Close to exit.

    Activate your Image-Pro Insight License

    Before Image-Pro Insight can be used, a valid license file must be obtained from the Media Cybernetics Web site. A 30-day trial license is included for evaluation purposes.

    If your PC has Internet access and a hardware or software license

    1. If you have a hardware key, attach it to a USB port now.

    2. When you first start Image-Pro Insight, you will see the Activation dialog.

    3. Click Activate Now to activate your license. This will load the activation web page in the built-in web browser.

    4. Enter the Unlocking Code that was sent with the product, together with standard registration information. Once your information is received, the license file will be installed on your machine automatically.

    If your PC does not have Internet access

    If you choose Activate Now, and your PC is not connected to the internet, you will see Step 1 of the Activation process.

    The Activation Tool is a separate program that handles the various file transfers needed to activate your software.

    1. Select a path to a removable medium, such as a USB flash memory drive.
      The software will save your files to this location along with an Activation shortcut link.

    2. Click OK.

    3. Take your USB key and your Unlocking Code to a machine with Internet access.
      Once you attach your USB key to the computer, the Activation Tool should start automatically. You will see Step 2 of the activation process.

    4. Fill in the information requested and press Submit.

      You should see a screen indicating that the activation is successful.

    5. Return to your off-line PC to continue the activation process. Once you plug in the USB key, you should see Step 3.

    6. Click OK. You should now be able to use Image-Pro Insight.

    If you have filled in the activation form but the software still acts as though it has not been activated:

    Have your IT department open port 1947 in both your hardware firewall and your machine's software firewall and perform the activation again.

    Demonstration of many different ways to zoom in on your images in Image-Pro Insight software.

    Overview of the different workspaces in Image-Pro Insight image processing software.

    No automated stage required! Use Image-Pro Insight's Live Tiling tool to tile and stitch adjacent fields -- live -- without an automated stage.

    Acquire focused z-stacks without an automated z controller with Image-Pro Insight software.

    Acquire large, mosaic, focused images as you move around in X and Y using the combined Live Tiling and Live EDF tools in Image-Pro Insight. No automated stage or z-controller needed.

    Use the saturation warning tool in Image-Pro Insight to prevent acquiring saturated images.

    The White Balance Correction tool in Image-Pro Insight makes it easy to acquire more accurate color prior to capturing your images.

    Use the Line Profile and Histogram tools to view the pixel intensity of your images in Image-Pro Insight. View on live images prior to acquisition.

    Use Image-Pro Insight to apply background correction and background subtraction to images acquired under a microscope.

    Use the alignment and EDF tools in Image-Pro Insight to correct for image shift and create in-focus images from a z-stack.

    Remove background noise and reveal hidden details with the image processing filters in Image-Pro Insight software. Preview filters on your active image for instant results.

    Create color images from multiple grey scale images using Image-Pro Insight. With a simple right-click, you can instantly color tint each image to automatically create a composite color image.

    Easily combine and separate images into RGB, HSI, and HSL color channels with Image-Pro Insight software.

    Measure distances and lengths using the line measurement tools in Image-Pro Insight software.

    Measure live objects, prior to capturing your images using Image-Pro Insight software. Measure distances, angles, areas and more.

    The Snap-to-Edge measurement tools in Image-Pro Insight software make it easy to create consistent measurements.

    Use the Line Profile tool to measure and analyze the distance between rings and repeating patterns with Image-Pro Insight software.

    1. Select the Measure Tab/Data Collector/Types button. In the Data Collector Types dialog box, browse to Data Provider Image/Table Image/Name. Please make sure you click on the "Name" to make it active as shown below.

    2. Press the "Stats" button, 3rd down in the center, which brings up the dialog box shown below. In the Table area, set the table to "Measurements" as shown. You can also change the Caption. Press the OK button. Now the image name will be included in the table.

    3. If you want the name to be in the first column or have the data organized by image, you can drag the "Name" column over and build your own hierarchy.

    Add text and point out areas of interest in your images with Image-Pro Insight software. Save annotations as overlays, or embed them in your images for reporting.

    Easily export images to PowerPoint presentations with Image-Pro Insight software. With one click, you can easily create a complete slide show showcasing your images.

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