Whether your requirements involve flexible image analysis tools or advanced noise reduction, Image-Pro provides the foundation to generate useful and actionable information/results.

Forensic Image Optimization
Tool Marks
Fiber Analysis
Remote Sensing

Forensic Image Optimization


A common issue in finger print identification is the obstruction of useful finger prints by periodic noise. The periodic noise pattern, in the form of lines, dots or even a mesh fabric pattern prevents, may be minimized or removed through the use of the Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) feature included in Image-Pro.

FFT allows the user to quickly identify and view the periodic noise obstructing the finger print image. The pattern once identified and marked can be removed from the image to reveal the finger print detail.

Tool Marks


The importance of firearm and tool mark analysis has been well recognized. Image-Pro includes tools for the efficient side by side comparison and analysis of images using either the Live Image Compare View or comparison of previously acquired images.

A full suite of documentation and reporting tools is available once the analysis has been completed.

Fiber Analysis


Fibers are used in a variety of manufactured goods and industries for identification purposes. The available Fiber Separation Application is used to measure fiber length and thickness.

Using advanced Fast Fourier Transform analysis, fiber orientation may also be determined.

Remote Sensing


Numerous image processing and analysis features are included within Image-Pro for the interpretation of aerial and remote sensing images.

Suggested Product Configuration

The combination of Image-Pro with the Capture Module

Document a sample, easily analyze and measure objects of interest. If the sample extends beyond the field of view, simply activate dynamic tiling and EDF to automatically capture, tile, and generate the Extended Focus image, all by moving the sample without the need for automation. Easily analyze your images, save them as protocols and generate custom reports, while implementing the audit function for additional checks to ensure you maintain the highest level of quality in your lab.

Base Product



Analysis Software

Incorporating more than 35 years of experience analyzing images, Image-Pro (IP) provides intuitive tools to make it easy to capture, process, measure, analyze, and share your images and valuable data.




2D Image

Capture Module

From simple documentation to complex capture to Dynamic tiling and Extended Depth of Focus, the Image-Pro Capture Module offers the solution and hardware support you need to seamlessly capture your images.

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