With dedicated applications and easy to develop image analysis protocols, Image-Pro supports a broad range of easy to implement solutions

The analysis or management of natural resources is a wide-ranging area of study and may be a difficult and demanding undertaking. Analyzing images from a laboratory microscope or an underwater submersible platform to aerial photography, Image-Pro provides tools and tailored solutions to meet your research needs.

Otolith Aging & Morphology Analysis
Wildlife Management
Remote Sensing and Aerial Photography



Determining the number of plants in a field or in a nursery provides important information on inventory and crop yields. Instead of counting by hand or making an estimate, specific numbers of plants can be determined and reported in a consistent fashion.

Otolith Analysis


Through a few simple steps, Image-Pro’s Otolith Applications will guide the user through the detection, measurement, editing of otolith and scale growth lines. The annotated growth marks may be saved for documentation and the corresponding data may be included with a report or exported to Excel.


Otolith Morphology

Image-Pro’s image processing and analysis capabilities, including Smart Segmentation and Fourier Descriptor, make it easy to accurately measure and quantify gross anatomic features of aquatic species. Image-Pro’s ability to acquire and organize large data sets enables scientists to conduct multi-year and multi-studies.


Egg and Larvae counting with morphological analysis

Based on an intuitive step by step workflow, Image-Pro allow the user find, measure and classify fish eggs. Once the workflow has been developed, it may saved and recalled for future analysis sessions to both save time and ensure consistent experimental analysis.

Fisheries & Aquaculture


Fisheries and Oceans Canada –Fraser Sockeye

Even under difficult and challenging imaging conditions in the field, Image-Pro’s flexibility in the use of Machine Learning allows for the easy detection and analysis of juvenile fish.

Population Analysis (Wildlife Management)


Snow goose flock

Wildlife management, such as the study of migratory birds, present unique opportunities to analyze populations in a fast and efficient manner.

The image analysis capabilities of Image-Pro when combined with automated image analysis have proven to provide time saving methods when analyzing a few images to hundreds of images at a time.



Plant disease and its’ study, are import in both agriculture and forestry. Disease areas can be readily analyzed using Smart Segmentation. Percent area of infection data can be quickly generated and reported in either excel data tables or a report.

Remote Sensing and Aerial Photography


Remote sensing and the use of aerial images combine to provide a broad context of vegitation, river morphology and features which can be analyzed.



Live image of nymph of Gomphurussp.onthe left and EDF image on the right. Images provided by Ethan Bright, University of Michigan.

The scientific study of insects provides a challenge when imaging insect structure in detail. With the additional Capture Module and the Live Extended Depth of Field capability, detailed in focus images can be captured.

When capturing large out of the depth of field images, Image-Pro offers the additional benefit of not requiring a motorized z-stepper.

Suggested Product Configuration

The combination of Image-Pro with the Capture

Document a sample, easily analyze and measure objects of interest. If the sample extends beyond the field of view, simply activate dynamic tiling and EDF to automatically capture, tile, and generate the Extended Focus image, all by moving the sample without the need for automation. Easily analyze your images, save them as protocols and generate custom reports, while implementing the audit function for additional checks to ensure you maintain the highest level of quality in your lab.

Base Product



Analysis Software

Incorporating more than 35 years of experience analyzing images, Image-Pro (IP) provides intuitive tools to make it easy to capture, process, measure, analyze, and share your images and valuable data.




2D Image

Capture Module

From simple documentation to complex capture to Dynamic tiling and Extended Depth of Focus, the Image-Pro Capture Module offers the solution and hardware support you need to seamlessly capture your images.

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