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Image Stitching of Large Specimens Using Automated Stages

Presented by: Don Laferty, Objective Imaging, Ltd. 

 Webinar Dates:    
 Wednesday, July 14, 2010    11:00am - 12:00pm EDT   Register

Because the size of histology and pathology specimens generally exceed the field of view of the microscope, clinicians and researchers are often confronted with making a tradeoff between field-of-view (low magnification) and ability to resolve small image details (high magnification). In either case, the relationship between microscopic features and overall structure is lost.

A powerful new method, however, allows rapid and easy scanning of entire specimens under high magnification. Automatic assembly ('stitching') of the scanned images into an individual continuous image provides the ability to survey the overall structure, while preserving the very high-resolution information. At this interactive webinar, attendees will see how such a system operates and will be shown some of the many ways images can be explored, measured, presented, and archived.

Subjects include:

  • Configuring a microscope to perform rapid scanning and tiling
  • User options and their implications on acquired image data
  • Image processing for enhancing image quality
  • Exploration, analysis, and annotation of images
  • Archival and databasing of images

Bring your questions to this live, interactive web-based seminar.

About the Presenter:
Don Laferty, Objective Imaging, Ltd.

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