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Accumulate images
Solution # 2121 | Created Apr 4 2005 | Updated Jan 26 2012 | Use With Image-Pro Plus

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Image-Pro Plus 5.1 or later

Problem Solved and/or Key Features
This is a macro that Accumulates multiple images from your camera into 16 Grayscale or 48 bit Color images or to Floating Point images (3 floating point images if you are accumulating color images). If you choose to accumulate to a floating point results, you can set the bit depth of the result anywhere from 8 to 26 bits. It is important to keep in mind that the higher the bit depth you choose, the more images you will have to acquire.

User Profile
Anyone trying to acquire images of very bright objects on a dim background, who needs to analyze both the background and the bright object. The initial acquistion time must be set low enough that NO pixels in a single frame are saturated. The macro then accumulates images into the specified output, until the desired bit depth has been reached.

Software or Hardware Requirements
Image-Pro Plus 5.1 or later and any camera whose Image-Pro driver supports the IpAcqSnap macro function call. This solution will NOT work with Twain devices.

Difficulty Level
Medium - Light maco customization required, possibly includes some user interface

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Company: Media Cybernetics
Name: Apps
A single 24 bit color frame (8 bits per plane) at full scale display range.
The same image as in #1 stretched to make the wood grain below the shelf visible.
Approximately 250 24 bit frames accumulated in a 48 bit color image (16 bits per plane) at full scale display range.
The same images as #3 stretched to make the wood grain below the shelf visible.

This solution is downloadable.
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