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Image-Pro Plus
"3D Constructor - On one hand simplicity, on the other hand hidden power"

Bartek Rajwa, Ph.D.
Purdue University Cytometry Laboratories
West Lafayette, IN - USA

"I have found that the Extended Depth of Field function on Image-Pro Plus invaluable in my everyday work. It allows one to produce images with a focal depth similar to scanning electron microscopy, but in natural color and for a much lower cost. I have used it this year to image fungi on plants collected by the Lewis & Clark Expedition and also the medullary architecture of mammalian hairs used to identify blanket fibers."

Harry Alden, Chief Microscopist
Smithsonian Institution's Center for Material Research and Education (SCMRE)
Washington, DC - USA

"When you must extract the maximum amount of evidence information from images, digital enhancement extends your reach beyond conventional photography by optimizing signal-to-noise ratio. Fingerprints, shoeprints and other impression evidence can be degraded by colour and pattern obstruction, and compressed dynamic range. Image-Pro Plus is the most complete, powerful and easy to use software solution to these problems I have found in twelve years of application. It can make the difference between interesting similarity and identification."

Brian Dalrymple
Brian Dalrymple & Associates
Ontario - Canada

"The change may not be apparent to the naked eye, but will be detected by Image-Pro Plus."

Dr. Neil J. Weissman, Associate Professor of Medicine
Georgetown University School of Medicine
Washington, DC - USA

"Time consuming imaging tasks have been reduced to quick, one-step processes, thanks to Image-Pro Plus."

Ron Goers, Imaging Science Technician
Xerox Corporation

"At TRI Princeton, we study surface properties of fabrics and fibrous assemblies. Image-Pro is the foundation of our image analysis capability. Image-Pro enables us to replace subjective visual observations with quantitative assessments of wear, color, and texture."

Dr. Sheldon Wesson, Principal Scientist
Princeton, NJ - USA

"Image-Pro Plus allows us to quantitate these morphological differences and not merely rely on subjective assessments, resulting in data that is more reliable.."

Dr. Lawrence L. Kunz, Experimental Pathologist
Nerox Corporation

"Most of the tests we are performing using IPP would be impossible or incredibly labor-intensive using conventional laboratory observation techniques.."

Paul Heroux, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Faculty of Medicine
Montreal, Quebec - Canada

"Counting and sizing 100 pinwindows, for example, would take about 5 minutes (plus a break for eye fatigue). With Image-Pro, we acquire the same data within 15 seconds."

Dean Neuberger, R&D Engineer
Sheldahl, Incorporated
Northfield, MN - USA

"We searched long and hard to find and develop the tools we needed to accomplish the necessary tasks, and we are very pleased to be using Image-Pro Plus as our primary tool."

Dr. Ouida Meier and Dr. Phillip Dustan
Department of Biology
College of Charleston
Charleston, SC - USA

"After having evaluated different image processing packages, I finally decided to use Image-Pro, not because of the large amount of built-in functions.. but also because of its conclusive user interface that combines all functionality into logical groups.."

Holger G. Adelmann, Clinical Pharmacologist
Bayer, AG
Wermelskirchen - Germany

"The image saving features [of Image-Pro Plus] produced accurate and retrievable data and increased the efficiency by an estimated 50 to 70% over manual counting methods."

Nancy M. Smythe, Technical Assistant
Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Medical University of South Carolina
Charleston, SC - USA

"We use Image-Pro Plus for metallography analysis of metals and electronic components. Media Cybernetics and Leeds Precision (our dealer) have been providing us with excellent technical support. Some of our questions have even been taken care of within a few minutes time."

Kenneth Blazek, Elec. Eng. Tech. Spec.
Rockwell International
Cedar Rapids, Iowa - USA

"IPP and the SDK [Image-Pro Plus Software Development Kit] have eased my image processing and analysis tasks by providing a ready-made platform on which to build...I heartily attest to the benefits of a relatively inexpensive solution that has so many built-in features that it considerably shortens the development time of unique applications."

Dr. Walter Niles, Ph.D., Asst. Professor of Pharmacology
University of Illinois at Chicago
Chicago, IL - USA

"The user-friendliness of Image-Pro is a sufficient improvement over the previous image processing environment that we had used for nearly 10 years.."

Jeff Rosner
Hewlett Packard
Palo Alto, CA - USA

"..IPP and the SDK have eased my image processing and analysis tasks by providing a ready-made platform on which to build to suit my needs."

Walter D. Niles, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Pharmacology
University of Illinois at Chicago

"Image-Pro Plus has allowed us at Ostra Hospital to couple the best image analysis software currently on the market with a modular digital image analysis workstation of our own design. Image-Pro has allowed us to achieve accurate non-radioactive, quantitative RT-PCR in a clinical setting at a reasonable price."

Thomas A. Houze
Ostra University Hospital
University of Gothenborg

"I am an avid user of Image-Pro Plus. I have applied this versatile package to a number of new and novel biological and agricultural research quality control applications. My facility has been employing image analysis technology for over 10 years. We have 8 systems and have used a number of other products over the years. Image-Pro Plus is a sophisticated yet easy-to-use package."

Eric Kokko
Electron Microscopy and Image Analysis
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Lethbridge Research Centre

"Gel-Pro Analyzer has allowed us to detect subtle differences between our samples not evident with the naked eye."

Jennifer E. Woodward, Ph.D.
Research Associate
Department of Surgery
Medical University of South Carolina

"We use Gel-Pro to document and store our Western Blot data and ethidium bromide DNA gels. It's so nice to pull up a fresh, clean computer-generated photo of an experiment we ran 6 months ago instead of digging through piles of faded and torn lab notebooks. This method has increased the efficiency of our lab."

Dr. Richard Grant
University of Washington
Primate Field Section
Medical Lake, WA

Using Gel-Pro Analyzer "..the accuracy of band sizes has always been ± one base pair compared with the standards. It's a nice to tool to have. It's straightforward and easy to use." Ken Henderson
Assistant Director of Research and Development
Charles River Laboratories
Wilmington, Massachusetts

"We have created [Gel-Pro] macros to carry out functions specific to our needs." [Gel electrophoretic analysis of biochemicals.]

Ernie Valfre
Manager of Information Technology
Baxter Healthcare (Hyland Division)
Glendale, California

"We have been using Array-Pro Analyzer for the last couple of months and in my opinion it is the best image analysis software I have used. Because of its versatility it has a steep learning curve but it's worth the effort. It provides very flexible control of many spot finding and output parameters. Also the technical support at Media Cybernetics has been very helpful."

Simon J. Evans, Ph.D.
Post-doctoral fellow
Mental Health Research Institute
University of Michigan

"After 6 months of evaluating many array analysis packages our first choice was Array-Pro Analyzer. Array-Pro has very accurate automated spot finding features along with many excellent visual and data analysis tools built in, reducing the need for complicated downstream spreadsheet analysis. We found it to be a comprehensive package which is extremely user friendly. Another advantage was that it readily complemented other Media Cybernetics' products such as Image-Pro Plus for microscopy image analysis."

Jim Smith, Ph.D.
Principal Scientist
Genomic Profiling Systems
Cambridge, MA
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