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Image-Pro for Aquatic Life Research

Image-Pro Premier is particularly well suited for fisheries research and quality assurance. Premier's selection of automated, semi-automated and manual options enables fish biologists and research technicians to extract valuable qualitative and quantitative information from images at different scales of both fresh and salt water species.

For over two decades Media Cybernetics has collaborated with the leading fisheries and research labs around the world in designing tailored, computer-based analysis of fish structures. The result is a suite of indispensable tools that has boosted the productivity of analytical labs at fish facilities.

Image-Pro Premier has replaced the tedium of manually detecting, counting and measuring features of interest with fast and reproducible methods. For example, Premier's Otolith plug-in's simple and intuitive protocol allows the user to measure otolith and fish scales ring structures at a speed and accuracy unmatched by other methods.

Selected Applications

Determine Age, Growth & Population Patterns
The Otolith plug-in enables fish biologists, ecologists, and research technicians to consistently and expediently determine age, growth, mortality, and physiological condition of fresh and salt water species from otolith's and scale's ring microstructures (e.i. annuli and circuli).
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Count & Measure Objects and Features
Premier's Count and Measure tools allows the user to separate, classify, count and measure macro- and microscopic features and objects. Parameters used in one experiment can be saved and recalled in future sessions to save time and ensure consistency.
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Extract Morphometric Information
Premier's Count and Measure tools also allow users to locate, isolate and measure anatomic features of whole fish and their parts. Parameters such as length, perimeter, area, and center of gravity, are just but a few of the characteristics that can be easily and accurately measured with Image-Pro.
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Selected References

Click on a link to download a PDF or link to the abstract of selected articles using Image-Pro® in aquatic life research.

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