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“IQbase is simplicity combined with technical depth.”

 Rick Kontra
Electron Microscopist

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IQbase Image Database

Search and Find what You are Looking For

Do you ever forget where you placed your images?  Or do you waste time waiting for others to send you their images through email or on DVDs?  With the sophisticated search tools in IQbase, you can locate images using a variety of variables, such as customizable keywords and other metadata fields.  

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Search Using Familiar Keywords
Associate your images and data with customizable keywords.  This will ensure consistent categorization and searching.

Search for images using specific keywords

Find Images Using Descriptive Attributes or Fields
Easily locate images in your database using the Quick Attribute Search tool.  Find images and related files using file name, measurement data, date created and many more options

Example of searching for images that include the word “Heart” in the file name.


Locate Images Using Context-sensitive Data
Searching for images with associated data is easy when you use the context-sensitive searching capabilities in IQbase.  Click on the metadata associated with an image and setup your own Boolean query to find other images within a similar category or range.  The search can be as simple or detailed as you need.

Example of context-sensitive search tools in IQbase.


Save Your Search Results
Once you’ve performed your queries, you can save your results to revisit and use later.  You can continue to add to or edit these query results and allow others to access them.

Save your query results to access later or share with others.


Query for Images Online
The IQbrowser web interface includes both standard and advanced search tools that allow you, and those you collaborate with, to locate archived images and related data via the web. 

Search Inside Microsoft® Office Documents
If you archive Microsoft Office documents, such as Excel® or Word® files, with your images, you can include them in your queries.  Locate images based on text found in related Office documents.|

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