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Report Your Findings 

Your image data has little value unless you are able to communicate and share it with others.  In addition to making your images available online using IQbrowser, IQbase offers built-in tools and features which make it easy for you report and share your findings with others. 

Add Text and Highlight Areas of Interest
IQbase includes tools to highlight areas of interest (AOI) and Annotation tools that allow you to add text or drawings to your images.  Point out specific areas of interest for later use or to share with others.  They will be displayed over your images without modifying the image data itself. The annotations do not become a part of the image unless you choose to “burn” them in.

Draw attention to specific regions of your image with AOI and Annotation tools.

Automatically Create Custom Reports
Use IQbase to create custom reports based on your images and data.  You can choose to archive these reports in IQbase or send them to other via traditional email or hard copy print methods.   Create reports in PDF, Excel and other convenient reporting formats.  Select which images and data you wish to display and how the data is represented.  Easily customize report templates to include your contact and company information and any important logos or graphics. 

Send Images & Data to Excel & PowerPoint
With IQbase, you can easily export images and data to popular data sharing applications like Excel and PowerPoint.  Simply select your images and indicate which applications you wish to export to.

Export archived images directly to PowerPoint

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