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Image-Pro Plus 

Used by thousands of researchers worldwide, Image-Pro Plus image analysis software makes it easy to acquire images, count, measure and classify objects, and automate your work.

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Image-Pro Plus software offers automated microscope control, image capture, measurement, count/size and macro development tools.

Image-Pro Premier
Media Cybernetics also now offers Image-Pro Premier software. Learn more about this new software that offers 64-bit support, streaming to disk, new and improved ways to automatically segment, classify, and measure objects, graphical macro development tools and more.

Control a Variety of Digital Cameras
Accurate image analysis begins with acquisition. Utilize the full precision of your capture equipment with easy-to-use capture tools. Image-Pro Plus supports a wide range of digital cameras, image capture cards, and other devices
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Automatically Control XY Stages and Z Focus Motors

Control complex microscopy equipment in a simple, repeatable manner for reproducible results. Automatically control your microscope stage in any X, Y, or Z direction and eliminate the need to manually adjust microscope settings.
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Uncover Details with Image Processing Tools

Rely on the industry's most robust selection of image processing and enhancement tools - all within one software package.  Apply morphological filters, stitch and tile together multiple frames, merge color channels and more.
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Automatically Count and Classify Objects
Automatically count and characterize objects using over fifty measurement tools including area, perimeter, length, roundness, major and minor axes, angle, centroid, holes, and population density. Tag objects of interest and easily sort by size or other measurement parameters
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Count and Measure

Render and Measure in 3D
With Image-Pro Plus' optional 3D add-on, you can explore the depth of your images by visualizing and interacting with them in three dimensions. Measure angles, distances, and volumes to gain a more complete understanding of your specimens.
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3D rendering and measurements

Track Moving Objects
Manually or automatically follow cells or other organisms as they move through time and space. Use correlation tracking to follow objects when image segmentation is difficult or not possible. Track and graph the changing of intensity parameters over time within an area of interest.
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track objects

Automate, Annotate and Share
Point out features of interest and add text to your images with Annotation overlay tools. Image-Pro Plus also offers convenient customization tools and a built-in programming language to streamline your imaging research. Save frequently performed operations using the Macro Recording tools and easily edit macros.
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