• Supported Devices

    Image-Pro supports an ever growing list of scientific cameras to ensure a superior capture experience. Click the link below to browse our extensive database of supported devices.

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    Supported File Formats

    AVI MOVIE FILE *.av Read Write
    Flat FILE *.flf Read (binary) Write
    Flex Image Transport System *.fts, *.fit, *.fits Read Write
    JPEG *.jpeg, *.jpg Read Write
    JPEG 2000 *.jp2, *.jpf Read Write
    Microsoft Windows bitmap *.bmp Read Write
    Raw Binary Data File *.raw Read  
    TIFF *.tif, *.tiff Read Write
    Media Cybernetics Image-Pro sequence *.seq Read Write
    Encapsulated Postscript Vector graphics *.eps   Write
    Image-Pro Set *.ips   Write
    Targa bitmap (Adobe Acrobat,TrueVision) *.tga Read Write
    UniPlot Graph *.ipw Read Write
    QED *.qed Read  
    Hierarchical Data Format *.hdf Read  
    Molecular Dynamics *.gel Read  
    Image-Pro and StreamPix *.seq Read  
    MetaMorph® *.stk Read  
    Bio-Rad Confocal *.pic Read  
    Carl Zeiss® *.lsm, *.zvi Read  
    AutoQuant Stack *deb, *.avz Read  
    Leica® *.lei, *.lif Read  
    Gatan *.dm3 Read  
    DeltaVision *.dv Read  

    System Requirements

    Manufacturers change system specifications regularly so it is difficult to describe the exact configuration that is required to use Image-Pro Plus successfully. However, there are some important guidelines to consider before purchasing or upgrading your computer hardware for use with Image-Pro Plus.

    Rule of Thumb:

    Everything depends on memory and speed. For users who want the best possible experience and product performance we recommend that you review the requirements below and follow-up with a review of the hardware priorities to understand how the whole system plays a part in the applications performance.

    Operating System Windows 7 Pro & Ultimate – 32 or 64-bit
    Windows Vista Business & Ultimate – 32 or 64-bit
    Windows XP Pro SP3 and later
    Windows 7 Pro & Ultimate– 32-bit or 64-bit
    Free Disk Space 20GB* 40GB*
    Processor 750 MHz or better 2.1 GHz
    RAM 2GB 4GB

    Important Notes:

    * Suggested storage size for large image files generated by advanced cameras.
    Ɨ Image-Pro Plus is a 32-bit application. It will run on 64-bit machines.
    ǂ Specifications are subject to change. Please contact Media Cybernetics or your local reseller for the latest features.

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