Image-Pro Plus 2D Image Analysis Software


Used by thousands of researchers worldwide, Image-Pro Plus image analysis software makes it easy to acquire images, count, measure and classify objects, and automate your work.

As the original 32-bit Image-Pro, this software solution offers microscope control, image capture, measurement, count/size, and macro development tools.

Why customers choose to stay on Image-Pro Plus 7

Our legacy 32-bit image analysis platform

Image-Pro Plus v7

Legacy Version


New Version

Duplicate legacy system requirement
Legacy motorized microscope & peripheral control

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Legacy camera support

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Existing IP Basic Macros or Plug-ins support Ask about conversion to
our updated macro language

Why customers choose to upgrade to the newest Image-Pro

Our latest most powerful 64-bit image analysis platform

Image-Pro Plus v7

Legacy Version


New Version

Modern Windows operating system support
Object identification and classification based on machine learning techniques
Viewing and analysis of larger sized images not limited by memory
Modern digital camera support

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3D/4D image viewing, analysis, and movie creation options
A scalable solution with regular updates and improvements


Acquire Images

Image Acquisition

Accurate image analysis begins with acquisition. Utilize the full precision of your capture equipment with easy-to-use capture tools. Image-Pro Plus supports a wide range of digital cameras, image capture cards, and other devices.

Time Lapse Acquisition

Investigate changes in specimens or materials over time by acquiring images at predefined intervals. Play your time lapse images as a movie to view movement and other activities.

Image Processing

  • Image-Pro Plus 2D Image Analysis Software Image Processing
  • Morphology

    Use a wide range of morphological filters to precisely segment structures and prepare images for automatic segmentation and measurement.
  • Filter and Enhance

    Choose from a variety of enhancement and edge filters to filter noise and improve image detail.
  • Pseudo-color

    Use pseudo-color to highlight features of interest in a gray scale image. Use colors to visually amplify specific intensities which are normally difficult to distinguish from their surroundings.

Measure & Classify

  • Count and Measure

    Count and Characterize objects using over 50 manual and automatic measurement tools including areas, perimeters, lengths, roundness, major and minor axes, angles, centroids, holes, and population density. Tag objects of interest and easily sort by size or other measurement parameters.
  • Classify

    Using a user defined classification method, cells, particles or objects my be grouped into classes based on any measurement parameter for distribution analysis.
  • Image-Pro Plus 2D Image Analysis Software Measure and Classify
  • Image-Pro Plus 2D Image Analysis Software Solar Caliper
  • Interactive Measurements

    Extract quantifiable data from your images using a variety of measurement options. Metrology tools allow you to measure best-fit line, arc, and circle. Detect edges and derive distance measurements using the Caliper tool.
  • Co-localization

    Detect co-localization in biological specimens and graphically display the association between the two sets of data in a scatter plot.
  • Track Moving Objects

    Manually or automatically follow cells or other organisms as they move through time and space. Use correlation tracking to follow objects when image segmentation is difficult or not possible. Track and graph the changing of intensity parameters over time within an area of interest.

Automate & Share

  • Image-Pro Plus 2D Image Analysis Software Automate and Share
  • Visualize Image Data

    Visualize image data with scattergrams, histograms, and line profiles.
  • Annotate

    Point out features of interest and add text to your images with Annotation overlay tools.
  • Report and Publish Your Results

    Export image data Microsoft Excel.
  • Create AVI Movies

    Easily convert sequence files to AVI files.

Automate with Macros

Image-Pro Plus offers convenient customization tools and a built-in Macro programming language to streamline your imaging research. Save frequently performed operations using the Macro Recording tools and easily edit macros. Use the time-saving macros included in Image-Pro Plus or download macros from the user-contributed Solutions Zone site.


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