• Autoquant Version Comparison

    Features v.9 X 1 X 2.1 X 2.2 X 3
    AutoSequence Detection (Dynamic parse Volume, Channel & Time) Limited
    Supports Multiple Time Points Limited
    Supports Unlimited Channels Limited to 3
    Real Time Color mixing Preprocessing only
    2D & 3D Blind Deconvolution
    2D & 3D Non-Blind Deconvolution
    Inverse Filter
    No/Nearest Neighbors
    Spherical Aberration Detection and Correction
    Sync Multiple Images & Views
    Unlimited Number of Views
    Multi-threaded Application  
    Display Operation Status
    Batch Processing
    AutoUpdate technology  
    Deconvolution Time Estimator
    AutoQuant Connect Workflow Accelerator        
    Gibson-Lanni PFS Modeling and SA Correction        
    Sample RI and Distance from Coverslip Auto Calculator        
    ROI Deconvolution Preview        
    Saving Optical and Deconvolution Settings Files        
    Multiple Line Profiles for comparison        
    Batch Viewer Logging        
    Statistics v.9 X 1 X 2.1 X 2.2 X 3
    File Types Supported 11 15 17 18 20
    Max RAM Usage < 2GB 3.2GB 16GB + 16GB + 32GB +
    Deconvolution Completion Speed   ~30% faster ~25%faster ~30% faster ~45% faster
    Batch Processor Load Speed         ~100% faster
    Large Image Load Speed         ~50% faster
    Operating Systems v.9 X 1 X 2.1 X 2.2 X 3
    Windows® XP 32bit  
    Windows® XP 64bit    
    Windows® Vista 32bit      
    Windows® Vista 64bit      
    Windows® 7 32bit      
    Windows® 7 64bit      
    Windows® 10 64bit        
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